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WDR Roofing Company – Leander

WDR Roofing Company – Leander
12681 Fm 2243 #28
Leander, TX 78641
(737) 615-8823

Basic Roofing Terms Defined and Explained

Dead Level: basically even or level, as in a rooftop deck or housetop with no purposeful slant to the rooftop channels. Additionally alluded to as zero (0) incline.

Dead Loads: lasting non-moving burdens that outcome from the heaviness of a building's basic and design parts, mechanical and electrical gear, and the rooftop get together itself. Basically equivalent to "dead weight" or "dead weight loads."

Deck: an auxiliary part of the top of a building. The deck must be prepared to do securely supporting the structure dead and live loads, including the heaviness of the rooftop frameworks, and the extra live loads required by the overseeing construction standards. Decks are either non-ignitable (e.g., creased metal, cement, or gypsum) or burnable (e.g., wood board or pressed wood), and give the substrate to which the material or waterproofing framework is connected.

Avoidance (Bowing, Sagging): the descending relocation of a basic part or framework under load.

Delamination: partition of the overlaid layers of a segment or framework.

Configuration Loads: those heaps indicated in construction regulations or measures distributed by government, state, region, or city offices, or in proprietors' particulars to be utilized in the plan of a building.

Dew Point Temperature: the temperature at which water vapor gathers in cooling air at the current barometrical weight and vapor content. Cooling at or beneath the dew point will cause buildup.

Arch: a rooftop that is formed like a half-circle, or a variety of one.

Dormer: an encircled projection through the slanting plane of a rooftop.